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The Abattoir


Our state of the art abattoir is built to full EU standards and is one of the most modern facilities of its kind in Africa. It is used for the slaughter of animals from the Vaduzi feedlot, and has a capacity to slaughter, store and process 4,000 animals a month. This impressive site is well equipped to service the growing national and international markets.

We believe that the quality and consistency of our products depends on the slaughter process being as stress free and humane as possible. We are also fully committed to enforcing strict Halal processes in the abattoir, reflected in our Halal certifications from the Mozambique Halaal Commission (‘CHM’).

Hygiene and food safety standards are of paramount importance to us.  We have a zero tolerance policy for any deviation from best practice embodied in our work processes and procedures. We conduct internal and external audits of our facilities on a regular basis, and ensure that any recommendations are implemented without delay. All of our slaughters are attended by qualified veterinary staff from the Mozambique Ministry of Agriculture, which further ensures the quality of our products.

Our processes in the abattoir are designed to maximise the products we derive from our animals. In addition to beef carcasses, we also process all of the clean offal (e.g. liver, tripe, kidneys etc.) as well as heads, hooves and hides. Wherever possible, we endeavour to utilise by-products, such as blood meal which is used as a fertiliser on our farms.

Following slaughter, our beef carcasses are hung in our cold storage facilities for up to 28 days, depending on the cuts or products required. Carcasses are then either sent directly to our butcheries; deboned in our state of the art, onsite deboning facilities or sold to end customers as sides, forequarters or hindquarters.

Through the deboning process, we produce a full range of primal cuts which can be vacuum packed or frozen depending on our customers’ requirements.

In addition, we produce certain value added products, such as burger patties and sausages.

Larger volume and contract supplies of meat products such as those for the mining, oil and gas, agriculture and restaurants can be supplied directly from the abattoir.